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Healthcare Consulting

Training and Health Consulting was created for people that have questions that they can either not answer on their own or need to be informed of the best evidence out there as pertaining to their HEALTH.

Dr Pearlman - Health Consultant

About Our Training and Health Consulting

Dr. Jonathan Pearlman received his bachelors from the University of Rhode island in Exercise science with a certificate focused in Nutrition and metabolism. He then moved to Dallas Texas where he studied Chiropractic at Parker university and trained diligently in the Gonstead method of chiropractic and continued his focus on Gut health and inflammation.

His experience in the world of nutrition and exercise is in depth and non-bias, even with the life changing experience he has personally had while on a keto diet

Chiropractic Training

Dear Doctors or Future doctors, 

We all struggle with when it comes to our art. It is our lifes work to perfect the Chiropractic adjustment.

certain techniques or adjustive Are you honest with yourself about the fact that the joint may not be moving the way you’d like?

Perhaps you just never had the mentorship or time to invest in adjusting the way you wanted to.

Chiropractor Training

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