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Perhaps you just never had the mentorship or time to invest in Chiropractic adjusting the way you wanted to.

This site was created to provide the opportunity to not only have access to the Chiropractic adjusting content that will enhance those skills, but fill in the gaps with the TRUTH about how the biomechanics, palpation, X-ray, and patient symptoms are clinically applicable to give you the best success when delivering the best possible adjustment.

We have prepared video series with foundation palpation, clinical pearls, spinal biomechanics, drills, set-up rationale and truly adjusting for success all while in the comfort of your own home. (check out our portal)

Learn our Adjusting Techniques

We have created a program that will get you ready to teach creative and transformative yoga classes. Our training is led by professionals who will prepare you to work in a yoga studio and traditional fitness.